Leave Your Monthly and Weekly House Cleaning Needs to Us!

There could be nothing more rewarding than waking up in a clean house every day. But it can now be hardly achieved because of the busy lives a lot of people live these days. Luckily for you though, you can have a clean house without getting a vacuum cleaner. This is because you can easily avail of the exemplary monthly and weekly house cleaning services that Sister's House Cleaning LLC offers at a budget-friendly cost. While we are based in Antioch, CA, the people in nearby places can also easily take advantage of our impeccable yet affordable services. Learn more about it below!

House Cleaning Antioch CA

Our Monthly Cleaning Service

Strictly following a daily cleaning routine can surely make a difference in your house. It can make your home healthier and safer for your entire household. But even if you are strict with your daily cleaning chores, there would still be dust and debris in the hard to reach areas of your house that will be left uncleaned. Ceiling fans, cabinet tops, door frames, and other hard-to-reach areas of your property usually take dust more than you expect it to be. While it is fine not to clean it every day, it is essential that you have to schedule a deep cleaning at least once a month to ensure all nooks and crannies of your living space will be wiped clean. No worries though as you can easily call us at Sister's House Cleaning LLC for the job. We provide a hassle-free monthly cleaning service in and around Antioch, CA at an affordable cost. We are complete with all the tools, skills, and products needed for a high-quality house cleaning service.

Our Weekly Cleaning Service

Do you think a monthly cleaning isn’t enough to keep your house sanitized? Avail of our weekly house cleaning service now! You don’t have to worry about the hassle or the cost since we at Sister's House Cleaning LLC are complete with top-grade tools and products to ensure every area of your property will be cleaned from top to bottom in a timely manner. We also provide one of the most affordable weekly cleaning services that you can find here in Antioch, CA and the areas nearby.

Call us at (925) 233-6751 now to avail of our great offers!

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